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horse purchasing

Buying a horse in Europe

Finding the perfect horse can at times be difficult, frustrating, time consuming, expensive and often disappointing.


Over many years Stuart has developed a professional network of contacts including top level international riders, horse producers, coaches, veterinarians etc in Western Europe. This puts us in a special position unlike a majority of other buyers who do not have access to such a network. Therefore we are dealing direct with owners the majority of the time.  At the same time being part of such a network gives us the first opportunity to access better, genuine horses unlike the general public & riders outside of Europe.


All horses are professionally vetted by a sport horse veterinarian at an approx. cost of 800 euro. We refuse to sell any horse if it has not been vetted. We can arrange all pre-export blood testing and shipping if required. We also offer an after sales service providing professional management advice, coaching and sport horse Veterinarians to keep your horse in top shape.

For horse buyers

If you have decided to buy a horse for yourself or sibling/s (daughter/son) please read the following questions.

  1. Do you have a budget in mind & what type of horse you are looking for?
  2. Do you know where you will stable the horse?
  3. Do you know the overall cost of keeping the horse including coaching, shows etc?
  4. How serious are you or your sibling/s in the sport and what are your goals for the coming years?
  5. How much time can you commit to coaching & shows?
  6. Will you travel to Europe and try horses for sale or buy from a video?

Before we enter into any negotiation we would like to know the answers to these questions, irrespective if you know all the answers, or just some of them. This will help us find a suitable horse, and at the same time we can help direction the rider in the sport. We would also like to see the potential horse owner ride, which allows us to see how they ride and assess what sort of horse will best suit them. We will also talk with the rider about the type of horses they like riding.

Tell us exactly what you are looking for, your level of training, your goals and your budget as well as those little things that are important to you.  Buying a horse is a very personal thing and involves a huge commitment financially and emotionally.  We are happy to take the time to talk things over and get to know exactly what you are looking for. Through good communication prior to your arrival, we can have horse sourcing trips scheduled for your visit.